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Kazuto Takeuchi

Farm Kazuto is a commercial farm located at the foot of two mountains, at an altitude of 900 meters in Kita-Shinsyu, the northern part of Nagano-prefecture.

Our motto is “delivering food to our customers, which we, as farmers, heartily want to eat.”

We are particular about the reduction of agrochemicals and organic fertilizers to cultivate eco-friendly, safe, and delicious vegetables.

All foods from Farm Kazuto are directly delivered to you from the farm. You can enjoy our food at your table with the same freshness as products sold at direct-sales stores.

It’s a great pleasure for us to bring the experience of deliciousness to you through the taste of real vegetables.

Voice of the Customer
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Awards and Media
We have been featured in various media and gratefully have a high reputation.
Why So Delicious?
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Full of homemade organic fertilizers

We grow vegetables using homemade, organic fertilizers from materials such as cow manure, compost from nearby cattle farms, residue from the local fish stores and supermarkets, and fallen leaves as basal fertilizers.

Direct delivery from the farm!

We directly deliver to you fruits and vegetables that are just-picked from the farm, with the same freshness as ones sold at direct-sales stores.

A perfect environment for farming

Our vegetables are cultivated at a high altitude of 900 meters. The temperature difference between day and night is very high, and the forest in the national park right above our farm brings us an abundance of minerals with the water of melted snow.

Skill exchange network

Farm Kazuto is a part of a skill network with three nearby farms, setting the bar for organic fertilizers and the reduction of agrochemicals. In order to realize better farming, we work hard at cultivation, utilizing each person’s expertise and improving ourselves through friendly competition.

Efforts for Safety

Basic mind for safety

Well-balanced vegetable cultivation


Recent abnormal weather and climate change make it very difficult to forecast the timing and amount of pests. In order to deliver not just tasty, but also truly-safe vegetables to our customers, Farm Kazuto believes that it is important to reduce the frequency and amount of agrochemicals by using only confirmed-safe chemicals in appropriate amounts.

Our Farmland
We are the top producer of Fruit Corn in Japan.
Our Vegetables
Superb products of Shinetsu (Nagano and Niigata)