About Us

Company Philosophy
Make everyone happy through our farming!

Revitalize the Lands

Farm Kazuto revitalizes abandoned agricultural land as agricultural land. We produce healthy and tasty crops that best match the regional characteristic of the local land and climate.

Develop the Local Eco System

We recycle manure from a local pasture and composts unused food from local businesses. We also practice sustainable farming with great consideration for the natural environment.

Revitalize the Local Community

Through interaction with the local community, such as participating in the farmers’ market and employing interns, Farm Kazuto contributes to revitalizing local culture and the community.

Corporate nameAgricultural production corporation Farm Kazuto
RepresentativeKazuto Takeuchi (President)
Address262-1, Ooi, Kamiminochi District, Shinano-machi, Nagano-ken 389-1316, Japan
ContactTel: 81 026-255-5578 Fax: 81 026-255-5096
IncorporationJune 2008
Capital fund10,000,000 Yen
Business outlineOpen-field vegetable cultivation and sales
Crop acreage28ha
HarvestFruit corn, wheat , potato, Carrot, Onion, and more.
Primary clientsSun Fresh Group. Eatwalk Inc. Dinos KYUSYUYA Zen Inc
April 2006Started by cultivating open-field culture with corn.
January 2007Started with a produce stand, selling to a supermarket in Tokyo and selling at SHADDY CO., LTD.
April 2007Expanded our farm land to 10 hectares.
June 2007Started accepting employees for OJT (On-the-job training) and farming experience.
August 2007Character design by the talented Hajime Anzai.
Our fruit corn, Gold Rush, was featured on Michiko Shimizu’s celebrity blog.
Expanded the farm land to 12 hectares.
June 2008Incorporated as an agricultural corporation.
Got interviewed for the TV program, Solomon style (affiliated station of TV Tokyo).
Started selling fruit corn at Seijo Ishii supermarket.
October 2008Introduced our wild-yam to Prince Charles and Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamadonomiya.
April 2009Joined the Japan Agricultural Corporation Association and Nagano Agricultural Corporation Association.
August 2009Produced our first summer radio commercial.
Started the summer radio commercial.
September 2009Expanded the farm land to 15 hectares.
April 2010Certified as an Eco farmer (Sustainable farming system) by Nagano prefecture.
October 2011Our wild-yam was selected for Oh! Selection product held by the City of Ohnan in Shimane prefecture.
January 2012Selected for Nagano environmental agriculture & Eco practice promotion council by Nagano prefecture.
Received Nagano Environmental agriculture & Eco award.
February 2013Received Nagano agriculture revitalization promotion council award.
Certified for the total business plan by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
March 2015Launched the processing facility and farm stand.
October 2016Launched the farmyard compost facility.
November 2016Started exporting the Fruit Corn to Singapore.
January 2017Website re-design by UXPRESS.
November 2017Opened an Italian restaurant NICOLI
May 2018Received a Director award from Rural Development Bureau