Let's farm together at Farm Kazuto!

One of the reasons we started farming was to raise the agriculture industry in the region.

Three trainees are cropping corns

Here, Shinano town Nagano is a hilly and mountainous area filled with the natural beauty of lush greenery and pure streams, surrounded by Mt. Kurohime and Mt. Iizuna.


To coexist with nature, the management of farm land is extremely important. If the amount of abandoned farm lands and untended forests increased, it would destroy the ecosystem. As a result, many negative effects, such as the increase of dangerous predators in the area, water shortages, and contamination of mountain streams will increase.


Workers in the field of agriculture are not only responsible for producing food, but also for maintaining land because it strongly affects the local environment from the crops to the water sources.


As the number or people working in the field of agriculture decreases, abandoned farm lands are increasing every year in the hilly and mountainous areas. We are responsible to preserve the gift of wild nature for the next generations.

Working with pride to produce food as a farm.

Awareness of our work guarantees happiness to our environmental surroundings.

We are seeking personnel with the same goal of sustainability and care for Earth.


farm kazuto members
Farm Kazuto is accepting trainees and interns.


“I want to learn and experience agricultural work.”

“Through training I would like to see if I am suitable for agricultural work.”


Farm Kazuto accepts short term and long term trainees and interns. We teach you our farming methodology as well as ways to sell products. We provide meals and a place to stay. We also provide compensation for long term trainees.


Please tell why you are interested in agriculture and your desired training/intern period. We will consider your application and support your choice as much as possible.


The area is a traditional summer resort. Nearby, there are skiing and the tourist resorts, such as Lake Nojiri and Togakushi. The hot spring is close as well. This is one of the best locations to enjoy the gift of wild nature!

Full Time Employee
Salary170,000 yen~ (not applicable for the training period) Previous experience advantageous
Salary increase & BonusSalary review/April
Location262, Oi, Kamiminochi District, 2, Shinano-machi, Nagano-ken 389-1316, Japan (main office)
Holiday & VacationBased on the company calender. 70 to 80 days per year (ex, Summer break, Winter break, New year, Condolence)
InsuranceEmployment insurance & Industrial accident insurance
Housing facilityHousing facility for the trainees/interns
BenefitsRental farm land system, Shower room, Internet
Work hours7:00~17:00 (Time varies depending on the season)
PeriodFrom 3 days to long term
housing facility & MealsProvided by the company. The transportation to the farm is not provided.
Location262, Oi, Kamiminochi District, 2, Shinano-machi, Nagano-ken 389-1316, Japan (main office)
Holidays1 day (Some exceptions apply)
Work hours7:00~17:00 (Time varies depending on the season)
SalaryNone. For a trainee who works for 2 weeks or longer, we provide compensation.

Please feel free to reach us!