Farming Experience

Would you like to try farming at Farm Kazuto?

Lifelong Study

Farm Kazuto is accepting short term and long term farming experience.
Trainee is walking in the corn field
Farm Kazuto is accepting employees and volunteers with short term or long term farming experience.


In order to increase the number of people who want to work in the agricultural industry, we are accepting farming experience from the likes of local middle school students.


We hope that the participants gain a zest for healthy living through this experience.


To further people’s career experience, Farm Kazuto will continue accepting employees and volunteers with farming experience so that we can provide a lifelong study opportunity.


Three trainees cropping corns
Farm Kazuto is accepting trainees and interns.


“I want to learn and experience agricultural work.”

“Through training I would like to see if I am suitable for agricultural work.”


Farm Kazuto accepts short term and long term trainees and interns. We teach you our farming methodology as well as ways to sell products. We provide meals and a place to stay. We also provide compensation for long term trainees.


Please tell why you are interested in agriculture and your desired training/intern period. We will consider your application and support your choice as much as possible.


The area is a traditional summer resort. Nearby, there are skiing and the tourist resorts, such as Lake Nojiri and Togakushi. The hot spring is close as well. This is one of the best locations to enjoy the gift of wild nature!

PeriodFrom 3 days to long term
housing facility & MealsProvided by the company. The transportation to the farm is not provided.
Location262, Oi, Kamiminochi District, 2, Shinano-machi, Nagano-ken 389-1316, Japan (main office)
Holidays1 day (Some exceptions apply)
Work hours7:00~17:00 (Time varies depending on the season)
SalaryNone. For a trainee who works for 2 weeks or longer, we provide compensation.

Please feel free to reach us!