Why Are Farm Kazuto’s Vegetables Safe?

Food Safety

Our Stance

“Well-balanced products”

ファームかずと 畑風景

“Is the chemical fertilizer harmful for the crops?”

You may be surprised that plants cannot assimilate organic substances. Indeed, plants grow with minerals such as nitrogen and potassium. Organic fertilizer cannot be nutritious until it is dissolved by the bacteria in the soil.

What’s more, there is no difference between nutritional value in organic fertilizer and minerals for plants. Useful bacteria and trace nutrients in organic fertilizer makes for delicious vegetables, but high-quality compost can provide it as well.

In general, the harmful effects of chemical fertilizer result in bloated crops caused by over-fertilization and environmental devastation caused by residual minerals. These are the adverse effects of commercialism and prioritizing appearance over nutrition.

In other words, even organic fertilizer can be harmful if it exceeds the appropriate limit. Of course, if crops aren’t provided with the necessary nutrients, regardless of the type of fertilizer, they will never grow.

As with all things, balance is what matters. Well-balanced soil consists of appropriate amounts of water, bacteria, and other nutrients. Using minerals in order to maintain nutrient balance is a safe alternative for healthy crops.

Farm Kazuto periodically tests the nutrient balance of our soil and maintains the balance of components to be environmental friendly.

Using Agrochemicals

Farm Kazuto utilizes agrochemicals only when it is absolutely necessary.

The definition of current agrochemicals

Farm Kazuto believes that cultivating a system by using rare agrochemicals is the more realistic choice than no agrochemicals.


Why not agrochemical-free?


Farm Kazuto believes that agrochemical-free cultivation cannot guarantee true health for customers at for primarily two reasons.

First, in our current global condition, the frequency of extreme weather makes it extremely difficult to predict the timing and amount of pests.

And, back in the 1960’s , agrochemicals were unhealthy and dangerous for humans and other species that were not directly targeted. However, the safety of current agrochemicals has tremendously improved. They work only on agricultural pests with extremely low toxicity for humans.


Farmers are responsible for their customers’ health. In order to maintain balance between taste and reliability, Farm Kazuto utilizes the minimum amount of agrochemicals. We believe keeping you safety is more important than trying to be agrochemical-free.


Thank you for your understanding

ファームかずと とうもろこしを食べる少年 フルーツコーン ゴールドラッシュ

Because Farm Kazuto uses the minimum amount of agricultural chemicals, our crops have plenty of nutrients.


We use special care, but you may see small bugs in the box or inside of the shell in rare cases.

We sincerely apologize if you experience this.


Farm Kazuto believes that it is riskier for our customers to consume crops that even bugs won’t eat than finding the occasional insect in our vegetables.


Again, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.