Why Farm Kazuto’s Vegetable Is So Delicious?

Passion for the Taste

Our Motto

“We produce and deliver the product that farmers really want to eat.”

For us, safe vegetables are just a given. Farm Kazuto provides safe and delicious products because we care about the vegetables you eat and the health of your family. We want to give you the same fresh and healthy vegetables that our family has always eaten.


Our crops are full of “Umami,” which provides a natural sweetness. We ship the vegetables directly from the fields the moment we harvest them in the early morning. That is why our vegetables are so sweet and the aftertaste so refreshing.


Be warned–if you get a taste of our vegetable once, you won’t want anything else!

Our Environment

Best environment for the vegetable cultivation

Farm Kazuto is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level in the valley between Mt. Iizuna and Mt. Reisenji in North Nagano prefecture.


Even the summer time, the temperature here is only 15° Celsius in the morning when we harvest. A big change in temperature from morning to afternoon is part of what makes the vegetables so sweet. And from the national park above, the runoff from melted snow and the abundance of minerals pours into the well-drained lands.


In addition to this natural environment, Farm Kazuto uses our own original organic fertilizer that we developed, full of nutrients. It is made with byproducts from a local cattle farm, residue from a local fish market, and naturally fallen leaves. We only supplement with inorganic fertilizer from the market when the naturally produced nutrition is not sufficient.


Our ideal vegetable is a well-balanced vegetable. A vegetable that has both amazing taste and reliability can be hard to find. Once you eat ours, you will realize the difference between the natural tastes we grow and what can be found at any market.


Direct shipping to your home


Eating fresh vegetables is a wonderful experience.


But we understand that not everyone can visit us and enjoy the fresh and light flavors we provide.


That’s why we developed a way to ship our freshly harvested vegetables each morning directly from the fields. They are delivered to you through a refrigerated delivery service. Now you can enjoy freshness at home!

Farmers Network

Synergy creates innovation

We know that what one farm can do is limited. So, Farm Kazuto teamed up with the Koyama fruit farm and Farm Minemura, which are in the same district. We work together to exchange skills and knowledge in order to create agricultural innovation.


The team has the same beliefs: taste and health are more important than appearance. Unfortunately, many other farmers care too much about appearance and products that have that “perfect picture-book look” tend to be sold at higher prices.


However, our team is highly focused on taste and reliability because natural vegetables have natural beauty already. We know you will agree once you take a bite.


Farm Kazuto is a vegetable farm located in North Nagano. We are passionate about taste and reliability. We run an environmentally-friendly farm with expertise in reducing agricultural chemicals with organic fertilizer.
Mr. Koyama


Koyama Fruits Farm is located in Nagano city. Their land is mixed with the organic fertilizer that contains an abundance of minerals from their unique manure made by hens and fallen leaves.
Mr. Minemura


Rice Farm Minemura is located in the Joetsu city in Nigata prefecture. They know that pure water and clean air make great rice. The famous rice brand, “Koshihikari,” from their traditional terraced rice fields is milled directly before shipping to ensure that the fresh flavor is preserved.

Thank you for your understanding

Farm Kazuto uses the minimum amount of agricultural chemicals for the maximum amount of nutrients.


We use special care, but because of our natural practices, you might see small bugs in the box or inside of the shell. It is rare, but if you experience this, we do sincerely apologize.


In order to maintain the quality of our vegetables, Farm Kazuto believes that it is riskier for our customers to use the crops that even bugs don’t want to eat.


We hope you understand our policy and agree with our practices.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.