Circular Agriculture

Eco System

Shinano-machi Ground Fuel Project

(Source: Science Technology Development Adjustment Budget: Developing the Regional Self-completion Type Ground Fuel System and Management Material)

The “Ground Fuel Project” was started in Shinano-machi Nagano. This joint project was designed by Agricultural and Life Sciences and the Institute of Industrial Science in the University of Tokyo, etc.


This project is the regional eco-system program using the ethanol that is produced by recycling the local wastes such as the straws and corn stems from the field.


Farm Kazuto is proudly supporting this joint project.

Circular Agriculture

compost depot

Farm Kazuto developed own compost depot.


We are recycling the following wastes and developing the nutritious compost.


    • Cattle manure from the local pasture
    • Vegetable scraps from the farm lands
    • Fallen leaves and straws from the forest
    • The offal of fishes from the local fish market and supermarket


This activity helps reducing the local wastes and utilize them in the very productive way.


We are trying to contribute to protect local environment through our farming system