Fruit Corn Gold Rush

Fruit Corn Gold Rush
Our corn is a vegetable but surprisingly sweet like fruit!

Much Sweeter Than Typical Sweet Corn

Sugar Content is Over 20 Degree Disease Resistant


You will be surprised by how sweet and delicious our fruit corn is even raw. The sweetness comes from nature, so it is not too heavy. Indeed, it is fruity and refreshing.

Environment Makes the Difference

Our farm land is at an altitude of 900 meters


Farm Kazuto is located at the foot of two mountains in Kita-Shinsyu, the northern part of Nagano-prefecture. Our vegetables are cultivated at a high altitude of 900 meters.


Even in the summer, the temperature here is only 15° Celsius in the morning when we harvest. A big change in temperature from morning to afternoon is part of what makes the vegetables so sweet. And from the national park above, the runoff from melted snow and the abundance of minerals pours into the well-drained lands.

How to Eat?

Try Eating Raw!


If you have not tried it, we recommend eating it raw first on the day you receive our fruit corn. The fresher it is, the tastier it is. Enjoy the juiciness and the fruity flavor!


boiled corn

Shuck the husk off the corn and boil it for 3 minutes.


Steam corn

Steam for 5 minutes in the husk.


grilled corn

Shuck and grill the corn instead of boiling it. For a tasty flavor, add soy sauce when the corn browns.



Please leave the husk on if you use the microwave. Heat it for 3 minutes at 600w.