Super Frozen Fruit Corn

Super Frozen Fruit Corn
Same freshness & same sweetness anytime anywhere!!

Fruit Corn Gold Rush Any Time!

-30 degree “Brine Freezing” Technology


What does “Super Frozen” really mean? The answer is the latest technology “Brine Freezing”, which is a kind of liquid rapid freezing methodology enables us to quickly freezes the fruit corn with the anti-frozen liquid that is in -30 degree.


As soon as we harvest fruit corn in the early morning during the summer, we freeze the corn and ship it to you! That is, though we could enjoy fruit corn only during the summer season in the past, it is no longer applicable for Farm Kazuto. Now you can enjoy the same freshness and sweetness throughout the year!

Fruit Corn Gold Rush Any Where!

We can ship our fruit corn to your country now!


Japanese customers can buy our Super Frozen Fruit corn from online as well as from the department stores, but it was not available in foreign countries. It has been a long cherished wish for Farm Kazuto that people in other countries enjoy our fruit corn. But it has been a huge challenge for us as well to reserve the quality because the high sugar content in the fruit corn easily become deteriorated with the past technology.


Finally the latest technology, “Brine Freezing” technology enabled us to maintain the freshness and the sweetness of the grains of corn. Farm Kazuto also built own processing facility with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries. By having own processing facility, we are able to freeze the corn immediately after harvesting.


We started exporting our fruit corn to Singapore in 2016. We are happy to know that the local people really enjoyed our product. If you are interested importing our fruit corn to your country, please feel free to contact us!

Our Processing Facility

How to Eat?

It’s so easy! Just thaw it and enjoy!


You can enjoy the Super Frozen Fruit Corn for 400 days if you put it in the refrigerator. It is so easy to enjoy. You just need to thaw the frozen corn via running water and heat it for 3 minutes after taking the corn out from the package. Or you can also thaw it via hot water. Take the corn out, and put it in the hot water with a little salt for 6 minutes. In the summer time you can also enjoy the sorbet corn. You can either thaw naturally (wait for 20 minutes) or via running water (10 minutes). That will be a new and sensational experience. It is absolutely cool and refreshing in the hot summer days.


The Super Frozen Fruit Corn corn comes with a cute yellow package. It will be a great choice for the gift.

Please feel free to ask us. We can arrange shipping to your country!