Award Winning Wild Yam
Gift from the land of North Shinano
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In the local food contest, the 4th Oh Selection, our Jinenjyo (wild-yam) was selected as an “Oh Selection certified product.”
Prince Charles
We were honored to introduce our wild-yam while Prince Charles visited Kurohime highlands (October 30th, 2008).

What is “Jinenjyo”?


Jinenjyo (Wild Yam) is an indigenous plant of Japan. It is very nutritious because it contains protein, vitamins, and amino acids. It also contains large amount of digestive enzymes, such as amylase, that promote cell reproduction and a healthy metabolism.


Our Jinenjyo grows with plenty of minerals from the mountains and the forest around the field. Clean water and the severe climate ensure our Jinenjyo do not have that typical muddy odor.


Growing wild yams can be difficult. That is why it’s hard to find in the market, and then when you do, it’s too expensive. However, Farm Kazuto developed the know-how to raise wild yams. We can produce and deliver them with a reasonable price because we are a commercial farm.


We also provide a beautiful gift box. You can buy wild yams as a gift to give someone for a healthier life.

wild yam

How to eat “Jinenjyo”?


Making a grated yam is not a difficult task but can be a little time-consuming. However, it is absolutely worth it if for the flavor and nutrition that you get. Pour it on rice and eat. You will be surprised by the rich taste. And of course, there are many other dishes to make with wild yams. If you don’t know how to cook wild yams, no worries–Farm Kazuto’s Jinenjyo comes with a recipe!


We provide a complete package that includes wild yams and a mortar and wooden pestle. You can start cooking immediately.

Please feel free to contact us with requests. We can arrange shipping to your country!